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9 Important Facts To Know About Life in St. Paul, MN

9 Important Facts To Know About Life in St. Paul, MN

9 Important Facts To Know About Life in St. Paul, MN

Wherever you go and whatever you do, making sure that you live a good life is always a matter of consideration. That’s because no one wants a precarious, unsettled life for no particular reason.

However, your life in St. Paul will be as good as secured, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. As the more affordable side of the ‘Twin Cities’, living your dreams in St. Paul is a viable choice. Explore these nine essential facts to know about what life’s like in St. Paul.

1. St. Paul: An Overview

There are plenty of stuff that makes St. Paul interesting that it can get overwhelming. So here are a few fun facts to get you started:

  • Minneapolis and St. Paul are popularly called the ‘Twin Cities’ of Minnesota.
  • Capital city of Minnesota.
  • With over 300,000 residents, St. Paul is the second-most populous city in Minnesota, next to its twin.
  • The population in St. Paul is diverse, composing of: 64.3% White non-Hispanic, 13.4% Asian, 12.6% African-American and Pan African, 8.5% Hispanic, and 1.2% American-Indian
  • Once known as “Pig’s Eye”
  • Over 100 languages and dialects spoken in the city’s public schools
  • Home to famous authors F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis.
  • Occupies 26 miles, the most of all cities, of the Mississippi riverfront

2. High Living Standards

Owing to quality education, tranquil parks, excellent amenities and healthcare, life in St. Paul is one to be envious of. That usually means a higher cost of living. However, in St. Paul, things only get better as prices are surprisingly low for a well-developed city. For example, the median home cost in the USA is $291,700 and $300,100 in Minnesota. But in St. Paul, houses cost significantly lower, at an average of $269,700. All other basic needs are also cheaper, except for transportation and other minor expenses.

Compared to other Minnesota places, St. Paul, though still in the high standards of living, is quite affordable.

3. Low Unemployment Rate

Job hunting is notably easier in St. Paul, thanks to the diverse industries thriving in the city. The biggest business sectors in the area include manufacturing, healthcare, education and other professional services, food and hospitality, banking, and retail. So if you have experience in those fields of work, you don’t have to stress about finding a job. Moreover, St. Paul’s job market grows every year, resulting in a lower unemployment rate than the US.

4. St. Paul Experiences Beautiful Seasons

With four lovely seasons going around the whole year, the weather in St. Paul is something to adore. Summers are especially vibrant, making it a perfect time to enjoy parks and beaches. But temperatures can sometimes get high enough that it might send you seeking the cold air conditioning. During the fall, you can bring your family to apple orchards or pumpkin patches to appreciate the picturesque colors in the autumn. Want some more? Winters in St. Paul gives you beautiful sceneries and fun activities that only come around during the snowy season. However, watch out for harsh weather conditions over the winter. After the snow melts, springtime comes. It is the perfect occasion to enjoy the greens and singing birds or go biking and boating once again.

Looking for a home with the perfect weather in all seasons? St. Paul is the one for you!

5. The Educational System is Great

You can say that public schools in St. Paul are top-notch, and they’re for everyone! Furthermore, with over 100 private schools available, you can freely attend which one suits you best. For the record, you’ll get almost the same quality education regardless of what school you go to.

6. Excellent Healthcare Services

St. Paul is home to the largest hospital in all of the east metro, the United Hospital, known both locally and nationally due to its extensive health care services. There’s also the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute, Nasseff CyberKnife, Bethesda Hospital, Gillette’s Children’s Hospital, and Regions Hospital, all having an excellent reputation in the community.

7. Parks are a Sight to See

If you want to relax and have some time off your busy schedule, parks are a top choice in St. Paul. Whether you like to go biking, fishing, or boating in rivers, the city has it all. You can also embrace the warm sun and calming breeze as you walk along the peaceful riverbanks in St. Paul.

8. Transportation is Well-Organized

For a large city, the traffic in St. Paul may not be the same as you’d expect as cars are relatively fast-moving. But why’s that? That’s because walking and biking is a highly observed form of transportation in St. Paul. What’s more, you can also hop on the trains running 24/7 between the ‘Twin Cities.’

9. Entertainment and Food is Everywhere

What’s life without the fun and good food? You’ll never know the answer when in St. Paul as they have everything for you. Entertainment? You can visit the well renowned ‘Fitzgerald Theater’, watch Broadway productions, chill at smaller music studios, or have a laugh at live comedies in the city. You’ll never run out of fun things to do. To pair with that is St. Paul’s various excellent restaurants serving your favorite food from your favorite cuisines, whether from America, Africa, Europe, or Southeast Asia. There’s so much to choose from!

Welcome to the Fitzgerald Theatre! Photo courtesy of Matt on Flickr.


With all kinds of perks as larger cities, life in St. Paul, Minnesota, looks absolutely worthwhile. If you’re thinking of moving there and looking for a sign, this might be it.


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